Im new to the listserv (and my position at CSULB).  I 
would like to find out if anyone has insight, experience, 
or general thoughts regarding the recruitment and use of 
emeritus faculty and alumni as volunteer tutors.

We need the tutors to be available for an entire semester. 
 We are looking for tutor availability Monday  Thursday 
evenings from 5:30PM  9:00PM and possible additional 
individual appointments at various times during the week. 
 Individual appointment times are flexible and based on 
tutor and student schedule.

I wonder about the dynamic created by volunteer alumni and 
retired faculty tutors versus paid tutors (be those peer 
tutors or current faculty)  particularly with regard to 
tutor training and the paperwork necessary for monitoring 
and evaluation.

Thanks for any ideas  love the listserv so far!

All the best,


Dr. J. Christopher Jolly
Student-Athlete Academic Specialist
Bickerstaff Academic Center for Student-Athletes
California State University, Long Beach
Main Office phone: (562) 985-4777
Campus extension: x53182

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