My faculty site on how to study and how to write is not a commercial site, hence the ending ORG.  So to visit, please go to

There is another .com  site of the same name, which makes it confusing. Even my fingers want to type .com automatically.  Just remember that this is a free site and therefore .org

Thanks for all the messages asking me where to find the site.  

I am hoping that in the New Year students and tutors will write mini-reviews ( a paragraph or two) on how they use the various handouts in their own studying. The audience is student to student. They may remain anonymous, if they wish. I jury all reviews before posting.

If you want to use this site in your classroom, students can send reviews to you at the same time, by entering the instructor's email. Actually, I think that this might make a fun tutor training activity.

Lucy Tribble MacDonald, M.A.,M.A.
Faculty Emerita
Chemeketa Community College
4977 Brookmeade DR
Sarasota, FL

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