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I am teaching a new course for me, a senior-level "capstone" seminar 
that is supposed to be deeply meaningful and interdisciplinary to any 
of our senior arts and sciences students.

I am taking some loose inspiration from Castell's book and calling it 
the "Rise of the Network Society."

I am asking you to reach into your liberal arts souls for any 
thoughts about fiction or novels that might illustrate, animate, or 
resonate with facets of living in the network society.  This could be 
glocalization, small worlds, rise of social status stratification, 
post_Seattle social movements, technologically mediated alienation, 
collapse of nation states/rise of regions, and so on.

I know the play by Guare.

Thank you (and I will repost any suggestions I receive).


Jordi Comas
Visiting Assistant Professor
Bucknell University
570 577-3161
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