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Hi Yang,

It's good to hear from you again -- especially on SocNet.

I am sure others will have more contemporary answers to your Q about qual.
network analysis, but the most important thing to remember is that SNA is
a perspective -- dare I say a paradigm -- rather than a set of methods,
quant or qual.

I immodestly refer you to the first chapter of Wellman &
Berkowitz, Social Structures, for one statement of these.

As to qual analysis, much of the field's origins were qualitative. See all
of the articles in J. Clyde Mitchell, ed., Social Networks in Urban
Situations, from about 1970. Or J.A. Barnes' original ethnographic

Barnes, J. A. (1954). Class and Committees in a Norwegian
Island Parish. Human Relations, 7, 39-58.

Or Elizabeth Bott's (1971). Family and Social Network (second
edition ed.). London: Tavistock.

Linton Freeman's recent book on the history of social network analysis has
a reasonable account on origins.

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