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Ryan Lanham wrote:
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> I am, by nature, inflammatory, Don.  I should have been a journalist!
> As you know, I think organizations and social structures are now
> melting.  The heat I think comes from individualism, 

	?? Where?  How could you know that?  There are different meanings of
"individualism: "rational individualism" and "methodological
individualism"  are two that Hayek discusses.  He is very clear the he
considers an individual to include a family and a community. Berlin's
point is that mutually contradictory explanations that work happen
often.  Your statement implies some homogeneous field, some "place"
where something called "organizations and social structures" are
"melting" (whatever that could possibly mean).

	I am not arguing that you are wrong about what you say, I just can't
imagine what world where what you say could be observed.


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