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> Said another way, smart apes evolved because they needed to deal with
> complex territoriality of overlapping networks-tribal rivalries versus needs
> for broader gene pools, mating opportunities, etc.  Migrators or
> inter-actors inevitably evolve as smarter beings that can solve which groups
> it is smart to belong to.  Said another way still, ontologies are applied
> when they make sense.  The ontologies that win-including science-based
> reason-are those that are useful for surviving in complex group domains-or
> ecosystems...

I can't believe I am hearing someone seriously suggest that the
ontology of "science and reason" is "winning" because it is "useful."

The counter-arguments are too numerous to mention, but any climate
change, global poverty, or suicide index should suffice.  The
historical contingencies involved in the "evolution" of scientism and
rationality are legion.


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The Universe is made up of stories, not atoms.
                 --Muriel Rukeyser

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