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High Reliability Organisation Theory is making a comeback (if it ever went away).  It is gaining interest in the medical world (for many reasons.  Also, it is one of the only known cases where the model has been applied.)

HRO stuff is complex and complicated.  (PLUG - see my paper for an introduction.

Key name in field is Karlene Roberts and Colleagues.

Key words include: mindfulness; nuclear [aircraft carriers/submarines/power stations); air traffic control; crises response teams; man made disasters - oops, better be PC there - person made disasters, no wait that won't work - er, stick to man made disasters).  Google search will bring stuff up

PLUG 2 - if you would like my paper on HRO and school effectiveness it isn't on the web any more, please email me at [log in to unmask] - no out of office messages please email Gene Shackman for out of office messages).

To continue:  HRO is emergent and was the theory is built on observation - therefore a powerful theory.  But we still lack major elements of understanding.

I suggest that the key to understanding, and therefore working out how to implement HRO is twofold thus:

Social Network Analysis explains the people element and explains how teh HRO can have a rythm and a beat;

Lean theory explains how the process works.

Both SNA theory and Lean theory can also be implemented, and we know how to implement them (if you get what i mean - we can use both theories to bring about measurable improvement).

Therefore, using lean + SNA we could implement HRO.


HRO = organisation
Lean = process
SNA = people

Therefore we have a three tier model.

That's my second thought for the day.

BW to all.

(Lean stuff is easy to find.  SNA - got to INSNA site and Hanneman's online book - google for these).

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