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Yes, that map I displayed just had the SNA books as Ego and their  
Alters.  When you look at alters' alters you start to get into CAS  
books, especially via the books of Duncan Watts and Mark Newman.


On Jan 13, 2007, at 2:47 PM, Ryan Lanham wrote:

> Valdis' market summary of SNA books got me thinking...why focus on  
> "SNA"?
> Is the center of any network defined in the grouping we start from?  
> (My
> hypothesis is is) What if one studied Complex adaptive  
> systems?
> How centered would the first SNA book be?  Not very, I suspect.   
> But one
> would have to be carping indeed to say that SNA and CAS are not  
> quite close
> and interrelated at a number of levels.

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