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That paper appears to look at...

> user practices in online product reviews at several leading  
> ecommerce sites

Yes, written reviews are easy to spin... release a book, get all of  
your friends/bots to write a good review on Amazon.  Most books [non- 
bestsellers] have < 10 written reviews -- not hard to get a + majority.

What matters is the actual buying behavior -- putting your money  
where your mouth/keyboard is.  Actual purchase patterns are hard to  
spin unless you have a lot of money and a strong agenda.  ;-)


On Jan 3, 2007, at 1:26 AM, Lisa Stampnitzky wrote:

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> Trevor Pinch has also been doing work on recommender/reviewer  
> systems- see
> e.g.
> Shay David and Trevor Pinch "Six degrees of reputation: The use and  
> abuse of
> online review and recommendation systems"

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