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Yes.  Even with great data for an on-line community [the network map  
I linked to several weeks ago on SOCNET] we do not have insights into  
the other channels -- private email, phone, F2F, small groups, etc.    
I remember some research a while back on how good of an estimate for  
total comm could be mined by just looking at on-line comm.

So maybe if X and Y have a strong tie on-line it can be predicted  
that they have a strong tie overall???  Anyone have + or - research  
on that?


On Jan 15, 2007, at 10:04 AM, Gould N (HESAS - WIHSC) wrote:

> Given the comment from Valdis on 'back channel emails', identifying  
> opinion leadership from available-to-all communications may well  
> prove problematic - perhaps even plain wrong.
> best to all,
> nick

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