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Hi everyone: two questions for Socnet,

I'm interested in (quasi) experimental literature on the effects of
personality on network characteristics. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Are there standard personality battery questions that can be used in network
surveys? I am hoping to control for some of these variables ( e.g. charisma,
looks, etc.).

I will be doing quasi-experimental research on the structural bases of
influence. I have some sources below, however I am concerned I'm missing
competing models and/or theories within the field. I'm particularly
interested in experimental literature which examines the effects of
structural characteristics ( e.g. centrality, homophily, etc.) on influence.

     Brass, Daniel J. 1984 "Being in the right place: A structural analysis
of individual influence in an organization." Administrative Science
Quarterly. 29:518-539.
     Cialdini, Robert B. 2000.Influence: Science and Practice (4th Edition)
     Erickson, Bonnie. 1988. "The Relational Basis of Attitudes." p. 99-121
in Wellman and Berkowitz. Social Structures: A Network Approach. Cambridge
     Friedkin. 1998. Structural theory of social influence. (and many others
by him! - obviously his work is fundamental).
     Gass, Robert H. and John S. Seiter (2006) Persuasion: Social Influence
and Compliance Gaining (3rd Edition).
     Hegselmann, R., & Krause, U. (2002). Opinion Dynamics and Bounded
Confidence Models, Analysis, and Simulation. Journal of Artificial Societies
and Social Simulation, 5(3).
     Kottonau, J., & Pahl-Wostl, C. (2004). Simulating Political Attitudes
and Voting Behavior. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation,
     Salzarulo, L. (2006). A Continuous Opinion Dynamics Model Based on the
Principle of Metacontrast. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social
Simulation, 9(1).

I appreciate any input on either of these issues. I will post full results
per normal.

Thanks everyone! Best, Stephen.

Stephen Bird
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Dept. of Political Science, Boston University
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