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Inspired by Steve Borgatti's session, 'What is network theory?' at the Sunbelt 2006, I am working on the manuscript titled 'Past, Present and Future of Network Theory: Network as a concept, paradigm, theory, or method?' 

In January 2006, there was much debate whether network analysis is a theory or not in 'socnet', email listserv as well. As a part of my essay, I am doing a mini Delphi to have judgmental forecasts.  


I would like ask your help on getting 'expert opinions' on the future of the SNA. 

You can post your opinions here on the listserv but I invite you to my survey space to make 'opinions' anonymous. 


I will share the results here at the listserv and probably at the Sunbelt as well.

Thank you for your help.


Sungsoo Hwang <>  


These are the questions you will see in the survey

1. How long have you been involved in SNA?

1-5 years

5-10 years

10-20 years

20 years or more


2. Where are you located geographically?






3. What is your main discipline or domain of the study? Eg. Sociology, Public Policy, etc

4. What is your assessment of current SNA in your discipline?

5. Where do you see SNA would go in this decade (in 5-10 years)?

(Please state 'what it would be', and not 'what it should be') 

6. Where do you see SNA would go in the coming generation (in 30 years)?

7. Thank you for your participation. Please feel free to leave any other comments if you have. 

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