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I was hoping someone might be able to help.

I've collected a nice hefty social network of friendship ties (7K+) using a snowball sociometric method (+5 degrees from an ego sample of ~47) with the population of an online social network of about 240K regular users. I collected reported communication frequency plus various perceived social psychological attributes of each named actor from each ego participant. The network was generated by asking participants to list their formal connections, thus ensuring that every name generated for in the data constitues (at least) a reciprocal binary tie. Unfortunately, not all alters chose to respond to calls for participation in each wave, therefore I only have a partial network rather than a whole one. 

I would like to analyse this data in such a way as to draw out subgroups and measure their densities, subsequently describing actors who are most central to each of these. But I don't know if the partial data - although bountiful - is appropriate for analysis using UCINet or Pajek, or other analytic software, because of its holes.

I've searched and scoured, but can't seem to find an answer. Would anyone be able to point me towards references or offer advice on my data problem?

Thanks very much in advance, 


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