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Thank you to all who sent reading suggestions on social networks across age
groups.  I have amassed a larger personal bibliography partially based on
the suggested readings below.  I am willing to send it to those who are
interested either in a .doc format or a .rmd/.rmx file for Reference


Cotterell, John. 1996. Social networks and Social Influence in Adolescence.
London: Routledge.

Giordano, Peggy C. 2003. ³Relationships in Adolescence.² Annual Review of
Sociology, 29: 257-281.

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Change: A Case for Network Effects.² Social Psychology Quarterly 68

Coleman's "Adolescent Society,"

Eckert's "Jocks and Burnouts" or Bradford Brown's work on them

Milner, Murray Jr. 2004.  Freaks, geeks, and cool kids: American teenagers,
schools, and the culture of consumption. Routledge: New York.

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Review of Sociology 16: 197-220.

Bidart, C. and D. Lavenu (2005), Evolution of personal networks and life
events, Social Networks 27 (2005) 359-376

Snijders (

The multitude of dissertations, presentations, and publications produced by
the Add Health data.  Emphasis on multitude…

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