Dear Water Institute Affiliated Faculty,


On Thursday March 8th, 2007 the Water Institute will host a seminar by
Dr. Michael McClain, the Director of the FIU Global Water for
Sustainability (GLOWS) Program (see GLOWS is a
USAID funded program for promoting integrated water resources management
in the developing world.   Please see email below for more details.


Please email me ([log in to unmask]) by January 31 to let me know if you
are planning to participate in any of the 3 following activities on
Thursday March 8th. Then we will decide what accommodations are


1.  10-11:30       Seminar 

2.  12-1:30         Lunch with Dr. McClain (we'll treat)

3.  2-4pm          A meeting to discuss programs and explore possible


Thanks a lot!


Kathleen McKee,

Research Coordinator

UF Water Institute <>  


570 Weil Hall

PO Box 116601

Gainesville, FL 32611-6601

ph 352-392-5893

fx 352-392-6855

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From: Michael McClain [mailto:[log in to unmask]] 

Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2007 7:57 PM

To: Graham, Wendy D.

Subject: Opening a dialogue between the UF Water Institute and the FIU
Global Water for Sustainability Program 


Dear Wendy,


I've enjoyed learning a bit about the growth of the Water Institute and 

I'd like to congratulate you on your progress. I'm an Associate 

Professor of Environmental Studies at FIU in Miami and the director of 

the Global Water for Sustainability (GLOWS) Program 

( GLOWS is the USAID's flagship program 

extending the practice of integrated water resources management in the 

developing world. We have active projects in South America, East Africa,

and India, and we are in the process of developing new projects and 

training courses in other parts of the world. GLOWS has a unique 

relationship with USAID that enables us to receive non-competitive 

grants to implement a broad range of water resource projects anywhere in

the world where USAID operates.


GLOWS has the freedom to involve new partners as needed to implement 

project activities. With a view toward identifying a broader network of 

potential partners and expertise, I've been especially interested in 

building closer ties to other institutions and institutes within the 

Florida University System. If you are interested, I'd like to arrange to

visit the Water Institute this Spring to provide you with more 

information about GLOWS and to learn more about the Water Institute. I'm

hoping to travel to Gainesville for a 1-day visit during the first 

2-weeks of March (on a Thursday or Friday).


Please let me know if you are interested in meeting. During my visit I 

would also be happy to give a general presentation about GLOWS or about 

a more detailed theme related to our program activities.


Hoping to hear from you soon,





Michael E. McClain

Associate Professor, Dept. of Environmental Studies

Director, Global Water for Sustainability Program

Florida international University

Miami, Florida USA 33199

tel. 1-305-348-6826 fax. 1-305-348-6137

mobile. 1-305-338-4704

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