My 2 cents...I'd say it's all too common. Last year I applied for 20+
positions, with all but one an online application. Out of the online
applications, I received maybe 5 acknowledgements of receipt, and only one
letter stating someone else was selected (I interviewed for this last
position, so that may have helped, plus it was based in Europe where
business demeanor is more polite.) I find it very frustrating, but it seems
that if you want to find out, a follow-up is required.


On 1/4/07, Meg Carpenter <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>    I was wondering if others have had a problem with online job
> applications. Over the last year, I have applied for several positions by
> using the companies' online application systems. Sometimes I get an email
> acknowledgment of receipt of the application, sometimes not. But then the
> application seems to go into a black hole, and I never hear another word
> about the position. In the old days, each applicant would receive a form
> letter stating that the company had chosen another candidate for the
> position, thank you for applying, we'll keep your application on file, etc.
> I hate not hearing anything. Is this a common occurrence?
> Meg Carpenter, CRM
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