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> do you mean to say that you don't set parameters for
> your searches?

depends upon what your definition of 'parameters' is?

one parameter is established by Google

> or is it that you just can't bear the thought of
> admitting it's so utterly simple that you would find
> it embarassing to tell us what they are?

as others have pointed out I have shared with you and others on the
list the search terms I use for my Google News Alerts.

as to what stories I select I pick ones that will raise readers
knowledge, hopefully initiate a discussion or that can be used to
further their cause in their organization.

as I've said before I will gladly forward to you a week's worth of
news alerts for you to review  . Compare what I select from them to
what you might select. to give you an idea of the volume. Today I
received 44 alerts. Maybe half contained at least one story synopsis
that intrigued me and that I thought might be of interest to others.
But I won't know until I actually click on the story link.

or are you are you afraid to admit that you are unable to handle the challenge?

Peter Kurilecz CRM CA
Richmond, Va

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