As I think about what you provide.... You spend YOUR time to put it
together and we're lucky to have it.  I see items that sometimes don't
apply to me or that may not interest me, but then, I always have the
opportunity to do that research work MYSELF..... if I want something

Your work has been extraordinary, and has proven very, very helpful to
me in my job.  If there's too much "RAIN", I'll use my delete key.
Otherwise, I'll go through it and use what most directly applies to my
job, interests, etc. 

The request for the "parameters" of your search...well, we did see once
before.  My advice for anyone who is interested in this area is to learn
the technology and build your own.  As adults, we're all empowered to do

Thanks for all that you do!!!

Douglas P. Allen, CRM, CDIA+

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