RAIN has led me to many new areas of study and sources of information
which I might otherwise not have found.  It is a special part of the
listserv and I appreciate very much the labor involved in putting the
information out there.

One thing that stands out to me about so many of my professional
colleagues is their willingness to teach others....and like drops of
rain, those individual drops combine to create other effects.  I do
believe that prospects for records managers are very promising, in part
because we are building an important body of knowledge that makes a big

I discovered a new resource just the other day from some reading I was
doing....the Association of Corporate Counsel and in looking at their
web site found an article of interest - Records Retention: Corporate
Records Management - New Issues and Solutions in Records Management -
dated July, 2006.  This link will provide a list of the table of
contents - 

You have to be a member to get a copy, but I was able to get a copy
through a connection.  My comment is this....I think there is excellent
information in this article....however, the is not one mention of ARMA,
the IRCM, the role of a CRM or a professional records manager and none
of the cited articles came from the Information Management Journal. The
article does formulate the need for a program, for policies, for
compliance structure, for identifying information, tagging it, managing
retention, etc., but there is not a clear mandate for WHO to lead the

Let's make sure we continue to share our expertise, not only within this
group, but increase our efforts to visit with our legal counsel, IT
gurus, compliance folk and CEO's with an educated and articulate
understanding of the vital role we can play.  We need to preach not only
to the choir, but to those outside the doors who have heard the rumors
but don't know about US!!

That is the 2007 Pep the soap box now....

Again, thanks to Peter and to all of you who have been so helpful to me
in so many ways.

Mary Hilliard, CRM

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