Went by Waverly Pond/Park yesterday (Thursday 1/25) between 11 a.m. and 
noon.  Saw a total of 20 species there.  A neat little place.  The 
Western Kingbird was prominently "insecting" from the wires on the north 
side of Kenilworth south of the pond.  Also saw the following: 

Pied-billed Grebe - 1
Great Blue Heron - 2
Great Egret - 1
Wood Storks, Canada Geese, D.C. Cormorants, Eastern Bluebirds - several
Hooded Mergansers - 3
Red-headed Woodpeckers -2 (or 3?!)
Eastern Phoebes,  Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Cedar Waxwings - a few
Warblers:  Orange-crowned, Yellow-rumped, Pine, Palm
Savannah Sparrow, Cardinal, Blue Jay

 From there, went to S. E. Farm.  The holding ponds are under extensive 
maintenance/repairs/construction which looks like it will be going on 
for quite a while.  The southern most pond  was the only one of the 
three smaller ones that had any water in it.  There was one lone male 
Northern Shoveler there.  Also saw one Pipit and one Killdeer in the 
vicinity.  In the farming area (which I presume is still available only 
on Thursdays as the easterly gate was open), I saw  Red-tailed Hawk, 
Kestrels and a female Northern Harrier.  I did not have a scope but am 
almost certain that I saw a male Northern Harrier coursing just above 
the treetops along the tree line on the eastern most edge of the Farm.  
Also saw  Killdeer, Pileated Woodpecker (heard), Eastern Pheobes, 
American Crows, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Eastern Bluebirds, European 
Starlings, American Pipit, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Pine Warblers, Palm 
Warblers (many), Chipping, Savannah and Song Sparrows, Red-winged 
Blackbirds and Brown-headed Cowbirds.

Went through Southwood on the way out and the only sighting of note  was 
two male Purple Martins circling over the lake near the road. 

Keith MacVicar
Tallahassee  FL


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