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Here is a conference that may be of interest to many of you:


Teaching Academic Survival Skills

2007 Conference




Sunday, March 4-Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Palm Beach Atlantic University

West Palm Beach, Florida

Sponsored by Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill, MA.   Hosted by
Palm Beach Atlantic University





On university campuses everywhere, there are students who are not well
enough prepared academically to take full advantage of the available
educational opportunities. How do we reach and help our largest educational
minority - the under prepared college student? Teaching Academic Survival
Skills (TASS) conference participants explore various techniques and
teaching philosophies used by educational specialists throughout the
country. The keynote and concurrent sessions cover a diversity of topics
including reading, writing, math, technology, freshman orientation
experiences, and programs for special students (ESL, LD). 

The TASS Conference is designed so that each participant can come away with
practical ideas that can be implemented or shared with other colleagues at
their institutions.





Who Should Attend 





This conference is for all faculty, administrators, and counselors from two
and four-year institutions, educators who care about and want to help the
under prepared college student achieve success in college. Professionals
involved with college-bound high school students will also benefit from
attending the conference. 











For more information or to register online 

Visit the TASS homepage at or contact one of
the conference coordinators.

Harry Prats ([log in to unmask]), (513) 556-1678, Fax (513) 556-3007
Terry Bullock ([log in to unmask])
David Kelley ([log in to unmask]), (978) 556-3401, Fax (978) 556-3738
Victoria Appatova ([log in to unmask]) (513) 556-1979







John P. Cleveland, M.T.S., M.A.

Associate Director, Tutoring Center

Center for Academic Excellence

Pace University 

41 Park Row, Room 204

New York, NY  10038 


212-346-1520 (fax)

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