May I PLEASE receive "review" copies of the 2 new editions listed below.
(I currently teach an Orientation session -- seeking resources... I am in 
the process
of developing an on-line Orientation course.....)

Dr. Beverley R. Blake, Asst. Professor
Valdosta State University
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At 03:34 PM 2/7/2007, you wrote:
>Dear Colleagues: (Kindly Circulate)
>We are pleased to announce the availability of two new 2007 revised editions:
>100 Things Every Online Student Ought to Know (ISBN 0-935637-34-6) and
>100 Things Every College Freshman Ought to Know (ISBN 0-935637-33-8)
>Kindly assist by notifying your colleagues supervising online student
>courses, freshman seminars, and those responsible for student retention of
>new revisions.  Those planning textbook adoptions and others planning to
>in quantity can request a review copy via email or by calling our toll free
>number below.
>Special note to coordinators of disabled students:  The online student
>edition has been expanded with a focus on students with disabilities 
>through the
>help of Dr. Jane Jarrow, President: Disability Compliance in Online 
>Her recommendations, Appendix filled with advice, and web site suggestions 
>offer special assistance to students with disabilities when enrolling in 
>first online course.
>Special note to freshmen retention coordinators:  The new revision has been
>expanded to include over 80 different links to professional web pages that
>provide a wealth of valuable resource information to aid new students in 
>adjustment to college.
>Please alert your Dean/Director of Online Learning and Freshman Retention to
>encourage their review of these newly published guidebooks for all newly
>enrolled online students and freshmen to insure all students including 
>those with
>disabilities are provided with the latest tips and information available to
>improve success.
>Campus bookstores should also be encouraged to stock this guidebook series
>includes 100 Things Every Student With a Disability Ought to Know, 100 Things
>Every Adult College Student Ought to Know, and 100 Things Every International
>Student Ought to Know in preparation for campus visitors during Spring Open
>Houses, Summer Orientation, and Fall enrollment.
>Thank you in advance for notifying all concerned. Additional info at our web
>site below.
>P.S.  A limited quantity of first editions is available and will be offered
>at a 10% discount to those ordering before March 1, 2007
>Peter W. Stevens, President
>The Cambridge Stratford Study Skills Institute
>a division of Cambridge Stratford, Ltd.
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