Hello Everyone,

I posted my original call for help right before the weekend, so I'm sure 
it got lost in the shuffle. But I would greatly appreciate input on the 

--When is the best time to assess students for placement into 
remedial/developmental programs?

--Are your remedial/developmental classes part of a student's degree plan?

--Do you know of a completely online assessment exam? (i.e. one *not* 
given in a proctored test setting).

I have researched some "answers" on these 3 topics, but I really need to 
hear first-hand from those in the field as well.

As Dept. Chair of a new remedial/developmental department, I have the 
opportunity to expand our current course offering from one (!) class to 
potentially several unique classes focusing on subject matter.  We now 
only offer 1 course (a hybrid math/writing course that's 10 weeks long) 
to students failing either their math or writing assessments upon 
enrollment -- (long story why, several program features were finalized 
before I came onboard). And we've only been offering this course since 
April 2006, so it's a relatively new program.

Again, I appreciate any insights you could share on these ideas. My goal 
is to create the best curriculum and program possible for our students 
to succeed, not only in their degree plans, but later in life as well.

Thanks so much,

Marla Cartwright
Academic Chair, Department of Student Success
College of Arts & Sciences
Kaplan University
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AIM: MarlaJCartwright

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