Here at Texas State we are in the process of creating a PhD in Curriculum
and Instruction with a focus Developmental Education. We are defining
Developmental Education from a P-16 perspective. That is, developing
striving learners throughout their P-16 education. We are proposing to
"open our doors" Fall 2009.

If you and others could help us, please take our International Needs
Assessment where we are collecting data on what content to offer and
delivery modes.  You can access this at:

As we are developing our program, we would appreciate your feedback about
what you would like to learn.

Others that exist currently are an EdD in Educational Leadership at
Grambling State University

as well as an EdD in Adult Education at National Louis University

with a Developmental Study Cognate:

Additionally, you can get a certificate of advanced study in developmental
education (15 credit hours beyond the masters degree) here at Texas State

or at the University of Minnesota

or in developmental reading at Cal State Fullerton

Dave Caverly, PhD
Professor, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction
Texas State University - San Marcos
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