Feb. 8, 2007

Setting the Record Straight

By Stephen <mailto:[log in to unmask]>  Klein and Richard Shavelson
and Roger Benjamin

As participants in the debate regarding appropriate strategies for assessing
learning in higher education, we agree with some of the
<>  statements Trudy Banta
made in her Inside Higher Ed op-ed: "A Warning on Measuring Learning
Outcomes." For example, she says that "it is imperative that those of us
concerned about assessment in higher education identify standardized methods
of assessing student learning that permit institutional comparisons." We
agree. Where we part company is on how that can best be achieved.

Banta recommends two strategies, namely electronic portfolios and measures
based in academic disciplines. One of the many problems with the portfolio
strategy is that it is anything but standardized and therefore unable to
support institutional comparisons.

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