We're in the process of trying to hire an Assistant Director for Special
Programs & Services and I believe that the salary range is too low. This
position is a full time 12 month position at a comprehensive 4 year
public university. The position manages and coordinates an intensive
advising program for 250 students admitted on probation, supervises 3-5
graduate assistants, coordinates a pre-academic advising program for
student athletes, plus develops and oversees the implementation of any
customized workshops or academic programs. The position will have an
advising caseload of 30-40 students who were provisionally admitted to
the university.
That's the background-the information I am seeking is to establish some
type of market survey of salaries being offered for comparable positions
at the university level. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks in

Gael Mericle
Center for Academic Success
Minnesota State University Mankato
Mankato, MN 56001
Office: (507) 389-1791
Fax: (507) 389-2726

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