I am a tutor coordinator at a 2 year college. We tutor math from Pre-
Algebra thru College Algebra and also Technical Math and Accounting. My 
question is does anyone have any suggestions on how I can refresh and 
upgrade my tutors content knowledge? 

For example, A student needed help with solving a word problem in Algebra. 
The tutor knew how to get to the answer, but only with shortcuts. The 
student still did not understand when she left. 

What can I provide or do to help my tutors understand that they need to go 
step by step and not skip. I know there are multiple ways to solve a 
problem, but how can we satisfy every professor when all of them have 
their own way of teaching their class.  

One thing I thought about doing is to have them sit in an Algebra class 
for 30-60 minutes a week. However, it sounds like they will be doing the 
same thing as SI facilitators, and we already have that program at my 

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