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Griselda Valerio, M.A.
Learning Instructional Specialist - Writing
& Part-Time Faculty
Learning Assistance Center
80 Fort Brown, MRCN 120
Brownsville, TX 78520
Phone: (956) 882-8208
Fax: (956) 882-3857

Learning Assistance Center

North 122

80 Fort Brown, Brownsville, Texas 78520




This form should be completed at the middle and end of the student's employment period each semester.


Mid Semester Evaluation               End of Semester Evaluation                     


Student's Name: __ __________________________________________


UTB/TSC ID # ______________________    




This evaluation is based on the following duties:  


_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _





ญญPlease evaluate the student employee for each criterion shown below.  If the characteristic does not apply, or if you do not have sufficient information, please write in "N" for evaluation.    A= Outstanding     B= Good     C= Acceptable     D= Poor     E= Unacceptable     N= No evaluation 


__1.  Dependability - trustworthy, punctual, reliable, fulfills responsibilities, good in attendance.


__2.  Cooperation - works well with co-workers, supervisor, and others, conscious of responsibility to working group, uses tact and common sense.


__3.  Work Attitude - courteous, cheerful and interested; willing to work at difficult of disagreeable tasks; able to take instructions cheerfully.


__4.  Enthusiasm - enthusiastic about work; energetic; keeps self in good state of health; emotionally stable. 


__5.  Initiative - performs assigned tasks without prompting and performs unassigned useful work.


__6.  Leadership - influences and inspires others to do better work; organizes and directs work of others.


__7.  Personal Appearance - neat, clean, suitably dressed, good posture.


__8.  Skills and Abilities - has knowledge and ability essential for work and good background in the field of work.


__9. Work Quality - work is accurate, thorough, and acceptable; uses material and time economically; takes care of materials; eager for improvement.


__10. Potential - has high degrees of potential for future improvement and development.


Using the same scale as above, evaluate the tutor's task responsiveness based on the following actions which can directly or indirectly affect the characteristics listed in the previous section.


__1.  Demonstrates a friendly and professional attitude toward students and staff.


__2.  Identifies and suggests ways to improve.


__3.  Focuses the student's attention on the task.


__4.  Encourages student responses and interaction. 


__5.  Promotes independence in learning.


__6.  Follows rules and procedures.



Supervisor's Comments: __________________________________________________________________________________ญญญญญญ___









Tutor's Signature _________________________________________      Date _____________________________



Supervisor's Signature _____________________________________      Date _____________________________

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