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This message is important for those who are interested in social networks
and politics.

There will be a panel study for the US national election, 2007 -2009. The
study directors asked people to propose items for this survey, and
received three concerning networks. Two focus on four very close ties of
friendship and/or politicla discussion ("Political Networks" and
"Political Discussion and Political Participation"). I myself (with
Elisabeth Gidengil and Ken'ichi Ikeda) submitted one concerning politics
and the wider network as mapped through a gendered position generator
("Social Networks and Politics, With Comparative Opportunities").

All proposals are now available for perusal and comment on the project

Obviously it would be terrific to have both close tie and weak tie
information, in a panel study, to examine "network and politics" dynamics
of different kinds. If you are interested, please take a few minutes to
visit the site, read the network proposals, make helpful comments, and
express your interest in these network possibilities -- the more people
who might find them valuable, the better their chances of making it into
the surveys.

Bonnie H. Erickson
Sociology, University of Toronto
725 Spadina Avenue
Toronto M5S 2J4

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