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Betweenness centrality as well as closeness centrality can each  
easily be calculated on weighted graphs; these measures are based on  
calculating distances in the network, which can be in turn measured  
on either weighted or unweighted edges.  Eigenvector centrality (or  
its popular generalization, PageRank) can also be calculated on  
either a weighted or unweighted graph.

Most of the above are available in JUNG; I can't speak for UCINET or  


On 24 Feb 2007, at 20:30, Alvin Chin wrote:

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> Hi SOCNETers,
> I've been using centrality measures like degree centrality,
> betweenness centrality and closeness centrality for analysis in a
> social network to measure importance for the case of finding
> communities.  However, these centrality measures do not take into
> account the weights of an edge between two nodes.  As well, I've been
> using k-cores, cliques as indicators of structures of community.
> However one of the things is that we can have strength of community
> and community may be defined by the number of interactions among its
> members (taking into account edge weights).
> Are there any social network analytic measures that do take into
> account the weights of an edge?  I couldn't seem to find any, and if
> so, do they exist in UCINET and Pajek?  If there any references or SNA
> books that I should look into that look at edge weights, I'd be happy
> to know about them.
> Thanks for any help in advance. Per
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