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Dear SOCNETers,

I'm a MSc student currently doing my MSc Thesis. I'm especially
interested in how group characteristics of an online support community
affect cooperative behaviour (defined as posting behaviour). Briefly, I
was thinking about the group's network characteristics, social control
systems like reputation systems and community characteristics like
i.e.its purpose. Since I'm a quite a newbie to this field, I'm kindly
requesting different suggestions for good literature/articles covering
this subject as well as different suggestions for possible theoretical
frameworks (if any) to place this whole idea upon. At the moment, I've
found the model as proposed by Albrecht, Dean, Olsen and Tedjamulia
(2005) Motivating Content Contributinos to Online Communities. But I
would love to hear your ideas.

Thanks in advance!

Dennis Sneijers

MSc Student - Technology Policy
Department of Technology Management
Eindhoven University of Technology
The Netherlands


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