Water Institute Faculty:


Joe Tedesco (Chair of Civil and Coastal Engineering) is leading a group
putting together a proposal for a Center for Excellence for the Study of
Natual Disasters, Coastal Infrastructure and Emergency Management.
Please contact Joe directly ([log in to unmask]) if you are interested in
participating in this initiative.  White papers are due Feb 28th,
proposals are due April 30th.



Wendy Graham



From: Joseph W. Tedesco [mailto:[log in to unmask]] 
Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 4:21 PM
To: Graham, Wendy D.
Subject: [Fwd: DHS Proposal Input]


Dear Wendy,
    I just came from a meeting to discuss the recent solicitation from
DHS (see link below) for a Center of Excellence. We very much welcome
participation from the Water Institute. Please distribute my
solicitation below to anyone in the Institute who has an interest in
participating on this initiative. Please do not hesitate to contact me
if you have ny questions regarding this matter.
Center of Excellence for the Study of Natural Disasters, Coastal
Infrastructure and Emergency Management

Best Regards,