Water Institute 


February 15, 2007


Dear Water Institute Faculty:


Lot's of things are happening in the Water Institute... I hope each of
you are part of at least some of them!  Here are a few highlights, for
more information check out our website (
<> ).


* The Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) meets on the first Tuesday of
each month.  Three meetings have already been held, lots of stimulating
discussions have taken place and good recommendations made.  Check out
the FAC membership, charter and meeting minutes at


* Water Institute Program Initiation Fund Proposals have been received
and reviews are under way.  Awards will be made by March 1, 2007


* We have a variety of Water Institute projects already funded and many
proposals submitted.  See
for details.


* The FAC has established a Project Classification policy for the Water
Institute.  There are three categories of projects that depend on how
involved the Water Institute was in the project development. We believe
these guidelines will lead to great visibility for all Water Institute
faculty projects, and that they apportion credit in an equitable way.
See a copy of the guidelines at 


* To supplement the faculty database on our website, we will be adding a
web-accessible searchable database for all externally funded
water-related projects that Water Institute faculty are leading.  We
really believe this will be very useful for promoting Water Institute
Faculty programs to both upper UF Administration and outside
stakeholders.  We have obtained a complete list of all projects funded
to WI faculty over the past five years, and these projects total over
$110,000,000!   If we can get this information out and publicized good
things will definitely follow.  Soon you will each be receiving an email
from us asking


		*	Can we include each of your projects in the
		*	Can you supply some additional details i.e.,
project abstract, names of co-PIs, project website URL, project
publication citations?


Note that you do not have to supply all these additional details for the
project to be included in the database.  Please respond quickly to the
email when you get it so we can get this database published!


* We are in the beginnings of establishing a regular monthly seminar
series.  Our next speaker will be Dr. Michael McClain who will discuss
the USAID Global Water for Sustainability Program and how UF may get
involved.  The seminar is scheduled for March 8th 2007.  See for details.


* The First Water Institute Symposium is being planned for February
2008.  Thanks to Tom Ankerson, Joe Delfino, Ruth Francis Floyd, Ramesh
Reddy, Bron Taylor, Les Thiele, and Vicky Will for agreeing to serve on
the organizing committee.  We will keep you updated as plans develop.


* Finally... We are beginning the process of interview for a third
research coordinator.  Once this person is hired we will begin to
organize faculty workgroups around the Water Institute thrust areas.


Well... That's about it for now! 

Best Regards,


Wendy Graham

Wendy Graham
Carl S. Swisher Chair in Water Resources
Director UF Water Institute
PO Box 116601
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Gainesville, Florida 32611-6601


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