Posted on behalf of Mr. Gail Menk:

"While getting out of my car at Leon County's Faulk Drive Landing
on 26 JAN, I caught glancing looks of 8-10 finch-sized birds flying
off to only the good Lord knows where.  Said birds uttered a series
of "Tick" sounds which, after due consideration, I decided
were those of Purple Finches.

I last heard such perceived utterances locally in the early 1990s.
Later in southeast Oregon (Steen's Mountain) during summer of
1998 when I connected a female with suck tick-note as it flew
off carrying a piece of string -- was thereby able to submit
circumstantial evidence of the species nesting in that part
of the state.

                             Keep listening, fellow nimrods
                                --Gail E. Menk "


Fran C. Rutkovsky
Tallahassee, FL
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