Hi all,

I tried for the Hammond's fly this morning from dawn until about 0730  
and again from 1530 until 1615.  Conditions were windy in the  
afternoon but not too bad in the hammock.  I believe the bird is  
still in the vicinity.  It is unlikely that it arrived in late  
January.  It will likely winter here, but apparently it will not be  
easy to find.

Other interesting sightings:

American woodcock - 2 displaying predawn en route to the hammock
Bachman's sparrow - 1 singing predawn

Grasshopper sparrow - 2 along the trail past the turn off to the camp  
Field sparrow - 1 along the trail near the turn off to the camp site.
Eastern palm warblers - along the trail.

David Simpson
Fellsmere, FL

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