I've lived here in North Naples, Collier County for nearly 7 years  
and have spent quite a few winters and winter vacations here long  
before that, starting in the early 80's. However, I've NEVER seen so  
many American Robins in Collier County as have this winter. Their  
numbers are staggering. Today for example, it sounded much like  
springtime in the Northeast Ohio area from where I last lived for any  
length of time. AMROs were singing everywhere. My backyard, which  
abuts Greg "The Shark's" Tiburón Mega Golf Course was completely  
inundated with noisy flocks of AMROs in the thousands. They were  
after the Brazilian Pepper berries of course. I went outside and it  
was literally "raining" pepper berry seeds! You could actually hear  
them dropping on the ground and they would stick to my exposed arms,  
etc. I estimate 25,000 AMROs had to be coming through with probably  
500 or so Cedar Waxwings. I was able to photograph many AMROs eating  
Brazilian Pepper berries. The last "invasion" of AMROs that came  
anywhere near these numbers in Collier County was in 2005, but even  
then, I don't think they were in the high numbers that I've witnessed  
recently in this county. Given these AMRO's propensity for Brazilian  
Peppers, I'm sure there will be many, many more of this nasty  
invasive exotic sprouting up in the 'hood in years to come, providing  
everything isn't paved-over or otherwise annihilated by then. . . .



Vincent Lucas
Naples, FL
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