As I left for work this morning, my headlights lit up a bright red eye
setting on the ground near the gate.  As the vehicle approached closer I
could see the head-up profile of a nightjar. It flushed into the
darkness quickly and offered only a fleeting look with the naked eye.
Only visible field marks were small size and rounded unmarked wings. It
was too small for a chuck and lacked the wing bars of any nighthawk. My
first and last sighting of a whip on the property was Jan. 16, 2003. I'm
confident this was a whip.


On another note, I was an invited guest on a plantation north of Quincy,
FL in Gadsden County on Jan. 20th.  I observed a flock of at least 13
Junco's, males and females for about 20 minutes.  I have never seen more
than one at any other observations in Florida.


Eddie White

Havana, FL

Gadsden County 

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