On 26 Jan at Lake Jackson's Crowder Landing, I heard that catbird-suggested call of the House Wren, but, as usual, was not positively certain of the unseen bird's identity until it appeared and connected itself with repeated said call.  I ltend to hesitate identifying certain birds by calls alone and, RE the House Wren, the Stevenson/Anderson The Birdlife of Florida states, "a mewing sound of the House Wren is remarkably similar to that of the Gray Catbird and probably is often mistaken for it."  

Interestingly, of four field guides i have consulted - Peterson, Robbins, Sibley, land Kaufman, only the latter cites a "nasal dzzhheer" call note.  And just as interestingly, during above consultation I also noted that the Bewick's Wren (also fide Kaufman) utters a "harsh dzheerr" which is good to know in case I make it out this summer to Southern Colorado where both House and Bewick's Wrens are to be encountered.

P.S. What's a 'hot  stove league"?  --  Ask Lyn Atherton, Keith MacVicar, et al.

Stay warm, fellow nimrods,  

Gail E. Menk

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