Below is a message from Joe DuChene, who is working with ESPS and 
the Krishna lunch folks on their transition to biodegradable 
plates. We'd like to incorporate some of this compost into our 
bioenergy garden, and also help find other uses for this 

This is a big, important, and highly visible effort towards more 
sustainability on our campus. Please get in direct touch with Joe 
if you'd like to help work out ways in which we can efficiently 
handle this material for the short, medium, and long-term.


I have been working with the Environment, Science & Policy Society 
(ESPS) to begin composting the food waste from Krishna lunch, 
along with the new compostable plates they are using.  I was 
wondering if the BESTS garden would be interested in using the 
compost.  I was also hoping to recruit some help for such a 
tremendous undertaking.  The Krishna's will be serving 
approximately 800-1100 lunches a day.  Transporting so much waste, 
and composting it efficiently will be a challenge.  Let me know 
what you think, and if you know anyone who would like to help.
Thank you,
Joe DuChene
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