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Dear socnetters,

i'm writing a paper on social network analysis and its applications on 
i was wondering if there are recent studies in this field, and if there's 
anyone who is working on this topic (i'm especially interested in working 
papers, empirical studies, and so on).

just to avoid doubts about my intentions.....;-)
even if i dont know a lot about marketing (i'm actually a sociologist), i'm 
not asking for classic bibliography, as i'm already collecting the most 
popular references. while any suggestion is very welcome, i'm more 
interested in anything that is nearly to be published, or working papers 
(like presented to conferences, research reports, and so on). so please be 
sure you indicate the way in which i can quote any reference you might want 
to suggest me.

thanks to everyone

Elisa Bellotti
Centre for the study of fashion and cultural production
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy

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