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Thor, Zeus' brother writes:

>Dear all,
>We have many tools to map (large scale) networks, but which tool 
>would be best to map my own social network?
>Let's assume I am a manager and I'd have to keep track of about more 
>than 500 personal contacts. How can I best map those people and what 
>I know about them, as well as, who they might know?
>Is there any site/research that compares different tools or outlines 
>the most "efficient" networking practices?

I would suggest a network in which the connecting lines (vectors) are 
directed toward the agent of lesser authority and, in case they are 
at the same level, bidirectional vectors are to be used. "Network 
decision" is to be based on majority vote, each vote weighted by the 
level of authority of the agent. Voting is counted and this starts at 
the proposer's node and care is to be taken to count each vote and 
only once. The algorithm suggested seems to be easy to implement.

	Nicholas V. Findler

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