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We need a tool(s) to do the following:

1) Monitor in real time the email on 45 Microsoft Outlook Servers each of 
which has 4,000 users and extract those emails  whose subject field or 
message body contains one or more words on a spot list.

2) Save the entire email containing a spotted word(s) in a central file.

3) Every few minutes, 24 hours a day, run a network analysis of the 
who-to-whom network  based on message headers and make available for 
display in a dashboard window.

4) At the same time, run a network analysis of the word cooccurrences, 
based on a proximity value, contained in the message bodies and display in 
another window.

5) Plot the network of words and the network of people on the same graph in 
another window.

6) List the people nodes in descending order of centrality in another window

7) List the word nodes in descending order of centrality in another window.

8) From a combined network of people and words list the nodes (either 
people or words) in descending order of centrality in another window.

9) Produce in real time an animation of the people, word, and people plus 
word networks given user choices as to network type and time slice and 
display in another dashboard window.

Any suggestions of tools for any phases of this analysis or suggestions 
about other project aspects are most appreciated.

Thank you.


James A. Danowski
Department of Communication
University of Illinois at Chicago

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