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> Dear all,
> We have many tools to map (large scale) networks, but which tool
> would be best to map my own social network?
> Let's assume I am a manager and I'd have to keep track of about more
> than 500 personal contacts. How can I best map those people and what
> I know about them, as well as, who they might know?
> Is there any site/research that compares different tools or outlines
> the most "efficient" networking practices?

Do you mean public tools or private tools?

For public: LinkedIn or any of the zillions of other networking sites.
What you describe is exactly what they solve.

For private: I don't think there's really a good solution. It's
possible to keep track of your links to people privately, just keep a
contact book, but to track which of them know each other you either
have to diligently record when you observe them interact, or
periodically send around an irritating and intrusive "who do you
know?" survey to everyone in your list.


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