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Hi networkers,

I have a large-ish directed network (1877 nodes) in Pajek with a partition
that classifies each node into one of two categories. For the most part the
nodes in each category only are connected to other nodes in the same
category (Category A --> Category A). However, there is a proportion of
nodes that are linked to nodes in the other category (Category A -->
Category B). Is there a way in Pajek to extract/identify these nodes that
are involved in cross-category connections? I've gone through the book and
have moderate experience with the software and still just can't come up with
anything. My final goal here is to make a new partition with Category A,
Category B, and Category AB which would be those nodes involved in cross
category connections.

I also have access to UCINET, but am much more comfortable with Pajek.

Thanks in advance for your help.

See you in Corfu!


Jenine Harris, Senior Research Assistant
Center for Tobacco Policy Research
Saint Louis University School of Public Health
3545 Lafayette Ave, Suite 300
St. Louis, MO 63104-1399
314.977.3234 Fax

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