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I am a doctoral candidate and I have submitted a project with one of
the faculty members for ethics approval. We plan to use email traffic
information to identify social networks of the students i.e. who sends
(and receives) emails from whom. We have assigned a computer generated
code to student's email-id to protect their privacy (and identity).
However, our ethics committee not being familiar with usage of email
traffic data for the purpose of social network analysis would like to see
some examples (samples) of ethics reports.

Your valuable suggestions and guidance in this respect will be highly
appraciated. We will be grateful if you could provide us a sample copy
of ethics approval for email traffic data and/ or suggest some studies
that used this type of data. Any other help on how to present our case
(for use of email traffic data) and what measures to take to respect
privacy issues involved and satisfy ethics committee will be of great help.

Best regards,

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