Water Institute Faculty:

Dr. Kim Ritchie from Mote Marine Laboratory will present an open lecture
"Coral Reef Health and Diseases" on Monday, March 19 at 9:30 AM in
McCarty-B, Rm # 3124

Dr. Ritchie's research focuses on understanding ecology of coral
interactions with their algal and bacterial symbionts.  Dr. Ritchie also
contributed significantly to identifying pathogens that plague Caribbean
corals, identifying pathogens from sewage and those from
transcontinental movements of dust.  Her research was published three
times in Nature, and once in PNAS. Dr. Ritchie is a recent recipient of
grants from the National Geographic Research Exploration Program and
Lindbergh Foundation.

More information about Dr. Ritchie's research could be found on Mote's

Everybody is welcome.