As a result of a recent request, I have prepared a KMZ file of the 
location where I took people to see Black Rails during the late 1980s.  
To open the KMZ file you will need to have loaded (free version) of 
Google Earth...

We had about an 80 percent success rate on visuals.  I was very strict 
with field trips here.  No more than four people at a time.  Always stay 
on worn raccoon paths.  Do not trample any vegetation.  If you stand on 
a fire ant mound, strip immediately and prepare to be sprayed with toxic 
chemicals.  There are many cottonmouths and diamond-backed rattlers in 
this habitat.

I do not know if the birds are still there, but would like to know.  If 
they are still there they should start calling in late March.  Do not 
bother going out at night.  The birds here are not nocturnal.  They are 
most active at dawn and dusk.

Noel Wamer
Jaclsonville, FL

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