One of the pairs of eagles that nest in Mid Pinellas can be seen at the nest
from Walsingham Park.  They chose to nest on top of a cell tower than can be
seen by parking at Shelter #6 and walking toward the reservoir and looking
northeast.  The nest is quite deep so it is possible to not be able to see
the adult or the chicks but the adults are now sitting much of the time
outside the nest.  A few days ago, two chicks were detected in the nest by
using a scope.  There is a possibility that there is a third chick.

This pair lost their chicks the past two years at other non-cell tower
locations.  They have used this cell tower successfully before but the
previous cell tower nest was at a lower level than this year.

Walsingham Park has the most American Coots I've ever recorded there.  On
2/26/07, I counted 70 of them.


Judy Fisher
Seminole, Fl

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