In response to a previous post about locked gates at Three Lakes WMA (East 
Florida Birding Trail site #103, Osceola County), I emailed one of the 
staff to see about the situation. Here was their response:

"The WMA is never closed to the public (open 365 and 24/7). I am sorry for 
any confusion caused by this book, but area maps are available at every 
entrance to Three Lakes WMA and they show our designated entrances. The 
gate where William's Road and Canoe Creek Road intersect is for management 
area staff and has always been closed to the public. There is no legal 
entry point to the 441 section of Three Lakes along Canoe Creek Rd. The 
only entrance to the 441 section is off of 441. However, there are plenty 
of RCWs to see in Prairie Lakes and the Canoe Creek section of Three Lake 
s WMA. Some are even visible from the road.  
The 60 side of the WMA is where the FL grasshopper sparrows can be found. 
The designated entrance for this section is off of Hwy. 60. Sometimes 
there is a gate open at the end of Rd. 10 and the curve of Rd. 16, and one 
could travel between Prairie Lakes and the 60 side. However, during 
hunting season this gate remains closed and it is temporarily closed 
randomly throughout the rest of the year to discourage people from using 
Three Lakes WMA as a shortcut. If people run into the issue of the gate to 
the 60 side being closed they can take the road next to the cemetery 
(Peavine Rd.) in Kenansville and this will take them out to Hwy. 60, just 
east of the management area. This is a lot shorter than going all the way 
down to YeeHaw to catch Hwy. 60."

Hope this helps clear up any confusion. 

FYI, bird checklists for all of FWC's Wildlife Management Areas can now be 
downloaded or ordered at:
Three Lakes WMA also has a driving tour guide booklet, request yours at 
the website above.

Happy trails,

Mark Kiser
Birding Trail Coordinator
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