After getting wonderful views of the baby Great Horned
Owls behind the Shell station in Ormond, I went up to
the river on N Beach Street.  I got incredibly lucky
this late afternoon.  I went to the river to search
for the scoters and all the ducks were right there at
the end of the path just north of the peer that is 
there.  I just set my scope and let them float by one
by one and found the White-winged Scoter.  I hunted
long and hard for the Surf but did not find.  BUT, I
was looking at 3 scaups that were separated and in
closer than all the others and up cropped the Eared
Grebe right into my scope view.  Could not believe my
dumb luck!!!!  Got to look at it for a long time and
just as quickly, a wind came up, some rain and poof,
it was gone.  I searched and searched and could not
find it again.  This was around 3:30 or so today.

Sorry Bob Wallace.  I had no way of reaching you to
let you know but it was in my view only about 8-9
minutes before it diappeared.

Meret Wilson
Ormond Beach

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